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The essentials for a feminine bedroom

September 3, 2018
Feminine Bedroom

Happy Monday lovelies! Ever wonder how you can have a more feminine bedroom? My bedroom is my favorite place in our home and it’s where I spend most of my time when I’m at home. Since it’s my most favored space I’ve put a lot of time into making it beautiful. I shared a post a while back that covered 10 tips on how to be more feminine and tip number seven was “beautify your space”. Today I will go into more depth on that subject and share with you 3 tips for creating your very own feminine bedroom.

Surround yourself with soft hues in your most favorite shade

My favorite colors are pink and white so naturally, I will reach for these shades when decorating my room. I use white for my base and I add pops of pink here and there whether it’s my gorgeous pink mousepad, faux fur rug, or pillows on my bed. When you begin transforming your bedroom start to collect items in your favorite color. Love blue? Buy a powder blue rug! Start small and build around your favorite color scheme.

Invest in some bed decor

Purchase a few pillows decorative pillows in your favorite color to beautify your bed. Add a bed skirt and maybe even a canopy for a princess look! You don’t have to purchase all these items at once. Just collect them as you go when you have the budget for them.

white bed with pink and white pillows

Decorate with feminine wall art

Feminine wall art is one of my favorite ways to add some interest to my bedroom. I especially love these gorgeous prints by Vintage Chic Diva. She has a wide array of designs to choose from whether you have a love for makeup, fantasy animals, Paris, etc. There’s something for every feminine woman at heart in her shop. Just print, pop it into a pretty picture frame, and hang it where ever you desire.

Interested in purchasing some of her amazing wall art? Use coupon code: BLUSHINGROSE to save 20% off your prints!

feminine wall art

Floral canvas paintings are also another option that you can add to your wall decor. I fell in love with this cherry blossom painting I found at my local Big Lots.

girly bedroom

Bonus Tip: Use accessories to decorate

I love putting my favorite bags and shoes on display to add pops of color in my bedroom. Also, add some fresh roses and a couple of faux fur rugs to add to the femininity of your overall bedroom look.

pink and white bedroom

Waking up to a beautiful bedroom is such a great way to begin your day and it boosts your spirits too! Do you have any further tips you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments below. ♥

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