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DIY Pink Picture Frame Tutorial

July 25, 2018
Pink Picture Frame

If you love pink like I do you probably don’t mind seeing a splash of pink on just about everything in your home including your picture frames. Usually, picture frames come in either a wooden color or a metal color. Rarely will you find a pink picture frame and if you do it’s crazy expensive for something that’s poor in quality or style. So why a pink picture frame? Well, I’ve been getting inspired lately by all the pretty wall art decor that I’ve seen on Instagram and I wanted some of my own. I went on Etsy and found the prettiest watercolor ballerina set for my daughter’s bedroom and I thought they’d look perfect in a beautiful pink picture frame. Knowing how difficult it would be to find the perfect pink frames I decided to make them instead!

Pink Picture Frame Tutorial

You will only need a few items to make your own DIY pink picture frame including any picture frame of your choice and some pink spray paint. You can also choose a different color if pink isn’t your desired choice of color. I also suggest to steer clear of frames with an intricate design and get something smooth and simple. The simpler the frame design, the easier it will be to paint.

Pink Picture Frame Tutorial

You will need to take your frame apart and remove the back of the frame and its glass. The actual frame is the only piece you’ll be working with.

DIY Pink Picture Frame

Now throw down some old newspapers or an old sheet. Do this outside so your work area is well ventilated. Shake up your can of paint really well and spray an even coat of paint on the frame. Make sure you don’t hold the can too close so you won’t create drips. Allow it to dry for about 20-30 mins and repeat with another coat until the frame is nice and opaque.

To spray the sides use an object to prop it on its side and repeat the steps above for all sides. Make sure your frame is completely dry before switching to a new side.

This is how your frame should look once it’s completely dry!

Pink Picture Frame Tutorial

Now add your wall art and display it for all to see!

Where to find girly wall art

Finding girlish wall art is quite easy and inexpensive. There are lots of shops on Etsy with all types of wall art including fashion, romantic, modern, etc. Once you find the perfect wall art you can print it at home on cardstock or photo paper. If you don’t have a printer, have it printed at a print shop. Some of the shops on Etsy even offer printing services! I had my sweet dreams bedroom wall art printed by Shutterfly because I wanted them to be larger than 8×10. I received my prints within the same week I purchased them and they weren’t expensive either. Your local CVS and Walgreens are also excellent options if you want 8×10 prints, but I wouldn’t recommend them for larger sizes since they tend to be expensive with a 2 week wait time.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! What’s your favorite type of wall art? Let me know in the comments below.

DIY Pink Picture Frame Tutorial Details

Picture Frame – My local Dollar Tree \ Paint – My local Kmart, but you can get one in a similar color here \ Ballerina Wall Art \ Sweet Dreams Wall Art