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The purpose of this blog

Blushing Rose Diaries was created in March of 2018 to create a space that encourages femininity and inspires women to embrace womanhood with open arms. Here you will find beauty and fashion tips that will inspire a positive view of living a feminine lifestyle.

Occasionally, I may also sprinkle in a few personal posts that I think are share-worthy with my readers. If you have any ideas you’d like me to write about please send me a message. I’d love your feedback.

Pink feminine spring wardrobe

Most of the items I share on my blog I have purchased with my own money but, sometimes I will share items that have been sent to me for free from brands. Although these items are gifted, I will never recommend nor endorse something that I don’t love and wouldn’t use myself. I am very selective of what I share with my readers and if the item doesn’t fit into my overall aesthetic I’m not obligated to share it.


Ready to start your journey?

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