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Kid-Free Vacation to the Bahamas Video

April 17, 2018

Here is the video of our kid-free vacation to the Bahamas as promised. It was a sweet feeling of nostalgia when I edited this video. Rewatching our experience took me back to those sweet memories that we will never forget. It almost seems like a dream. Please ignore my amateur video editing skills. I have zero experience in creating travel videos, but it was still fun recording our time there so that we can always look back at a video version of the memories we shared. Enjoy!

kid-free vacation

I also included a few more photos that I took during our vacation. Nassau, Bahamas is such a beautiful island. The beaches are so clean and white and the water is crystal clear. We could even see fish in the water that had little to no shyness. They just swam by us unbothered by our presence! It was a glorious experience.

If you are planning on traveling to Nassau I highly recommend the Blue Lagoon Island excursion. You’ll have the option to relax on the beautiful beaches, play in the ocean, or swim with dolphins! My favorite perk of this excursion is not being constantly bombarded with people trying to get you to buy something (a common trend in Nassau, Bahamas). We were able to just relax and enjoy our surroundings.

nassau bahamasEven though I missed my little ones dearly, it was nice to have a few days alone with just my dear hubby on this memorable kid-free vacation