Diary Homemaking

How to be a Homemaker

April 11, 2023

Today I am sharing my personal reflections on homemaking. I often get asked “how to be a homemaker” or “What do I need to do to become a homemaker?” While there’s no exact answer, as homemaking can be different depending on the situation, I will share my personal feelings about the topic.

Homemaking to be is more than just cooking and cleaning. It is the joy in serving others and creating a safe and peaceful environment for your children and husband. Your home is your family’s sanctuary. You as the homemaker cultivates what was an empty barren house to a warm inviting home that creates lasting memories.

In my video I share more in depth while showing some examples of things I do as a homemaker. I hope that this video will answer many of your questions and inspires you on your journey to become a successful homemaker.