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Kid-Free Vacation to the Bahamas

April 14, 2018
Kid-Free Vacation

We recently experienced our very first kid-free vacation since being married at the beginning of April and it was phenomenal! I’ve been begging my hubby to go on a cruise for quite some time so this year we decided to make that dream a reality. As a stay at home mom, I barely get any time to go adulting and hubby is always on the road. The most we’ve done as a couple since having children is a kid-free movie night and dinner, but nothing as extravagant as this kid-free vacation. I took a ton of photos as well as lots of video footage of our experience. I will be posting the video at a later time… So much to edit!

This was my hubby’s very first cruising experience so it really made this sweet but short vacation special. Although our vacation was short, we still missed our babies dearly for those 4 amazingly beautiful days. Special thanks to our dear friend uncle Tim for looking after the boys as well as Nana who looked after our sweet daughter.

kid-free vacation

Very quirky photo, but was us when we arrived! 😛

We went on a cruise with the Royal Caribbean cruise line. The service we received was astounding and we were treated just like royalty.

The first night we had dinner in the My Fair Lady main dining room. The “head hostess” (not sure that was her title) took notice that I didn’t eat my fruit. The fruit was out of season so it was rather sour. When she asked why I hadn’t eaten my fruit I let her know it was sour and that I couldn’t eat the other options because I am vegan. Before I knew it our waiter came out with not only my main course but also a plate of vegetables and other vegan options. This happened every night and I couldn’t even eat everything they brought me. It made me feel really special knowing they took the extra steps to accommodate my dietary choices. The last night I even noticed that they added more vegan/vegetarian options to the menu. I was ecstatic!

Vegetarian Cruise Food

Coco Cay, Bahamas

On our first day, we visited Royal Caribbeans very own private island: Coco Cay Island. We took a ferry from the ship to the island and ventured off to get a few photos. Sadly, those photos ended up being non-existence. For some reason, my camera didn’t charge the night before and I decided to use my iPhone. Unfortunately, due to a relentless horse fly attack, I dropped my phone in the water trying to swat it away. It was unfortunate, but I didn’t allow it to ruin our trip. We went back to the ship, had lunch, grabbed my camera and went back to the island and enjoyed our time. We had a blast playing in the ocean. It was like being a kid again!

Coco Cay Island

That evening was a formal night. I wore a pretty pink cocktail dress and Ellis wore a black suit with a pink shirt underneath. He was so handsome! He was actually nervous about wearing the pink shirt, but after all the compliments he received on how amazing he looked the nervousness faded. Doesn’t he look handsome?

Formal Night Cruise

Blue Lagoon Island, Bahamas

The next day we arrived in Nassau, Bahamas. We purchased an excursion to spend our day on a beautiful private island near Nassau. We took a small boat to the island and I have to say this island was breathtakingly beautiful. It was so serene and peaceful. The serenity of Blue Lagoon island was so relaxing that we ended up falling asleep on the beach while listening to the waves crash upon the shore. The island even had beautiful dolphins and sea lion habitats with the option to interact with them. We visited 3 beaches on this island and one was no more beautiful than the next. Blue Lagoon Island was truly an excursion that was worth every penny. When we went back to the cruise ship we were so relaxed that all we wanted to do was sleep for the rest of the day.

dolphin encounter bahamas

Blue Lagoon Island

We had such a wonderful time and are looking forward to our next cruising experience. We actually plan on taking the kiddos along the next time we go! Stay tuned for the beautiful video of our cruise. ♥