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A not so Spooky Minimal Halloween Party

November 3, 2020
Minimal Halloween Party

This year I decided to throw a small not so spooky minimal Halloween party for our children. I didn’t want to risk putting them at risk for their health due to the current pandemic so a Halloween party at home was the perfect choice. I also opted to not buy any candy this year which my children did not miss! Our day was spent wearing fun costumes enjoying delicious Halloween themed snacks as well as a fun movie on Netflix. Read on to learn how I put this minimal Halloween party together.

Minimal halloween party

The decor

When I went shopping for Halloween decor to my surprise I couldn’t find much in stores. I wasn’t intending on buying a lot of decor since I wanted to keep our party minimal, but I was on the look out for a few items such as a Halloween Banner and festive plates. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a banner so I decided to make my own. Thanks to Michaels and my own creative juices I made my own banner using a black Celebrate It banner, hole punch, string and white chalk. I also blew up 6 white balloons and drew eyes and a mouth on them with a sharpie to make a cute ghost face. I then attached white streamers to the bottom of the balloons and hung them next to the banner with string.

Minimal kids halloween party

Festive snacks

As I said before I decided not to buy candy this year and served festive snacks instead. I made Oreo cookie bats with white chocolate and sprinkles for the eyes (the candy eyeballs were sold out). I also served puffed popcorn in black popcorn boxes decorated to look like a black cat. Lastly I made cupcakes with white chocolate spider webs on top as cupcake toppers (Every once in a while I will allow vegetarian foods such as the white chocolate spider webs. Please don’t judge me!).

The main course

For our meal I served vegan stuffed orange peppers. I cut faces into each pepper to create the look of a jack-o-lantern. I also did the same for the carrots in the garden salad. For drinks I wrapped apple juice boxes with left over white streamers and glued wiggle eyes on each box so they looked like a mummy. Our children really loved this special touch!

This year our Halloween plans were very different from what we are used to. Normally we’d take our children to a Halloween event and let them load up on tons of candy. Although we didn’t enjoy the normal festivities like our previous Halloween’s in the past we very much enjoyed our time together as a family. It was a very intimate and peaceful day for all of us. We spent the evening watching the new movie Over the Moon on Netflix (a very good family movie BTW) before having dinner together. This Halloween wasn’t the same, but it will still be a very memorable one.