My Saranghae skincare love story

October 1, 2018
Saranghae Skincare

Happy Monday!

It has been a really tough few weeks for me. From some very stressful personal matters to my web host having a major service outage, it has been a roller coaster of emotions and stress. With all this going on skin care is so important because stress can really do a number on your skin. Thankfully I had the pleasure of trying a lovely new skincare line called Saranghae which means “I love you” in Korean. How lovely is that?

The Saranghae skincare system is an all natural skin care routine that uses everything from Sang Hwang mushroom extract to actual gold in their ingredients to improve the health and look of the skin. Their products focus on the regeneration of skin to reduce hyper-pigmentation, dark under eye circles, signs of aging, and more.

My Saranghae Skincare Routine

Saranghae Skincare

The Saranghae skincare bundle that I received included their facial cleanser, serum, eye cream, face cream, and elemental mask. The only products I used on my face outside of the Saranghae skincare products were pure rose water as my toner and occasionally I’d use my 10% benzoyl peroxide treatment for stress/hormonal related acne. The kit also came with a 45-day treatment plan to help you create your own skin care routine.


I used the Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser every day with my Conair spin brush. I was so excited to try this product for the first time when I saw the actual gold flecks in the cleanser! After I cleansed my skin it felt very soft and clean with no bit of tightness or dryness. I knew I was in love when my skin wasn’t screaming for moisture after I cleansed.

Saranghae Nourishing & Moisturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser
Saranghae Skincare
Can you see the gold flecks? It’s real gold! ♥

Prep & Moisturize 

The Deep Radiance Essence + Serum is my favorite product out of the entire set. It just makes my skin feel so good. I have sometimes used just this product and the eye cream, skipping the face cream on really hot days and it kept my skin feeling fresh and moist. It goes on super light and absorbs fast.

Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence + Serum

My least favorite product was the Focus Renewal Eye Cream because it is very heavy and it doesn’t seem to absorb well. It tends to interfere with my makeup when I apply it under my eyes if I use it according to the instructions given. To remedy this issue, I only use a small dot of the cream under my eye and I always use face primer which seems to help keep my makeup in place after using the eye cream.

Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream

The Firm & Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream is very concentrated and a little goes a long way. I really love how they included a little spoon to scoop out the product so you aren’t introducing bacteria into the jar. I only use a dime size amount and I pat it into my skin and neck. The cream absorbs well and doesn’t interfere with my makeup application. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day.

Saranghae Firm and Lift Celluar Regeneration Cream

Weekly treatments of love…

Another favorite of mine is the Elemental Essence Mask which I use weekly.  I think this mask is absolutely perfect for those with dry skin like myself. Especially in the dry winter months. It leaves my skin so hydrated and my face will be practically glowing the following day. The mask is super moisturizing that I don’t even bother using the serum or moisturizer after using it. It’s just that good!

Saranghae Elemental Essence Mask
45 Days after using Saranghae Skincare Products
My results about 45 days after use.

Overall the Saranghae skincare products are absolutely amazing.  I noticed that the blemishes and acne scars I had on my right check cleared up dramatically that I don’t even have to use concealer on my cheek anymore. No other product that I’ve tried thus far has been able to do that so I am sold. If you are interested in this amazing skin care line click here to learn more. ♥

Thank you to Saranghae for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.