My Homeschool Curriculum choices for 2023-2024

August 5, 2023
children working on school assignments

With summer break coming to a close within the next couple of weeks, it’s time to start preparing for another homeschool year. I’ve had a few requests for more content about homeschooling, so I thought sharing our homeschool curriculum for this year would be a great place to start. If you are new to homeschooling, please see this post to learn more about how to get started. If you prefer to skip directly to the list of curriculum choices, click here.


Singapore Math Dimensions Math has been our curriculum choice for the last three years. This curriculum is rigorous and a bit ahead of children in the same grade in the United States. Since my son started this curriculum in 5th grade, he had to begin in level 4B. As a result, this year he’s moving into 6B/7A for 7th grade. Our daughter started Singapore math in first grade so she will be going straight into 4A/4B for 4th grade.

Singapore math curriculum books

Language Arts

I enjoyed Blossom and Root, and it was sad to move on from it when my son completed Level 5. They are supposed to create a new level this year, but my son loved Bravewriter so much this past school year that we are doing the Arrow Year-Long Program. We will also finish up the last projects in Building Confidence via Bravewriter.

Sonata will be using Level 4 Blossom and Root for her language arts. Since my son has already used this curriculum, I saved on cost by reusing it for Sonata. I enjoyed this curriculum with Israel so much, and I hope she enjoys it as much as he did.

homeschool language arts and nature study notebooks

Science & Nature Study

We will also use Blossom and Root for our Science and Nature Study curriculum. This year we are diving into Blossom and Root Level 4 Science which explores physics and human anatomy. The nature study portion encourages children to plant their own gardens. I purchased 3×3 raised garden beds so they can start their own gardens when the school year begins. They are super excited about this!

In addition to the Blossom and Root, A Garden of my Own nature study curricula, I will supplement with the Autumn Journal and Garden Notebook from Growing Up Wild Things. We enjoyed using her Summer Journal during the summer months so much that I had to get both journals for this school year. The Garden Journal pairs perfectly with A Garden of my Own nature study. The Autumn Journal, however, explores more than just the garden in our backyard. Our littles really enjoy nature hikes, so this will be the perfect addition to our weekly hikes.

Israel filling his garden bed

Social Studies

We will continue Blossom and Root A Rivers of Voices Volume 1 and move into Volume 2 for history. Blossom and Root Language Arts always come with built-in weekly geography lessons. In addition to that, we also will continue our Wild Explorers Volume 5 and start Volume 6 later in the school year. The littles really enjoyed adding stickers to their passports and writing down their favorite activities. Especially when we make and try a dish from whatever region we study.

Music & Art

For Art, we will continue working in the Blossom and Root Level 3 Art for Sonata and Level 5 Art for Israel. We also will work on the Lily and Thistle Art Makes Me Smart curriculum. I was really intrigued by this curriculum because it teaches world history alongside art projects. It’s a fun way to incorporate social studies that keeps the kiddos engaged. Our littles don’t enjoy social studies very much (particularly American history), so this is a fun break from that while still learning at the same time. For music, we will finish Woven Melodies this year and move into the Forte unit studies from the Wild Explorers pack.

I’m really excited about this coming school year and what’s to come. I’m already in the process of planning our yearly field trips. I think a trip to the science museum is perfect for our science topic this year. If you are homeschooling your children this year and are stuck on choosing a homeschool curriculum, I hope this post will give you some options to try. The curricula I use are secular and can be used in any household regardless of faith.

A breakdown of all the homeschool curricula we are using this year:

Happy homeschooling!