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3 Last Minute Feminine Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2019

Hi, lovelies! Halloween is just around the corner and I always get excited around this time of year because it’s an excuse to dress up and express your personality in your own unique way. Of course, I always add my own feminine twists to my costume of choice. I’m also excited because I just posted my very first video on Youtube featuring 3 feminine Halloween costume ideas. I’m not an expert in makeup, but I did share very wearable looks for all 3 costumes that can also work as everyday makeup. I hope you enjoy my video and if so please subscribe to my youtube channel!

Samara ♥


Items from my Feminine Halloween Costume Idea Video

Fairy Costume
Fairy Ear Cuffs \ \ Shoes (old)

Princess Costume
\ \

Kitty Costume
Cat Choker \ \ Thigh Highs \ Shoes (old )\ Cat Ears Tutorial