A Romantic Canoe Lunch Date

September 20, 2019
Canoeing at Silver Springs State Park

I tried canoeing once with my littles in a small lake in Ohio a few years ago. I was given a crash course on how to steer and I remember how we slowly paddled our way around the lake’s fountain and back. It was a fun experience but I’ve always wanted to try it in a larger body of water with my dear hubby. When we moved to Florida I was so excited to find so many gorgeous parks with the opportunity to rent your own canoe! I asked my dear hubby if he’d like to try it and we planned to make it into a romantic lunch date!

Silver Springs State Park Entrance

We visited the gorgeous Silver Springs State Park and rented a canoe for a few hours. The springs were so gorgeous. I never saw such crystal clear water in my life! It looked like we were floating on glass. You could actually see to the bottom of the spring and see all the gorgeous fish and turtles as they swam by.

While canoeing we also made time to enjoy the delicious lunch I packed. I packed vegan rainbow sandwiches, plantain chips, and fresh red grapes with a bottle of spring water. It was really interesting eating on the canoe.

Delicious Lunch

After our lovely canoe experience, we took a stroll in the park and enjoyed yummy sherbert while taking in the sights on foot. We didn’t get to see any wild monkeys, but I did get to see a snake, butterflies, and dragonflies (one actually landed on hubby’s finger lol).

Rainbow Sherbet

If you live in the Florida area I highly recommend this activity to do with your significant other. It was super fun, romantic, and memorable. We can’t wait to go again!