The prettiest Spring rain gear for women

April 15, 2019
women wearing pink rain gear in a white bedroom

Springtime weather in Ohio can be quite crazy. One day it can be warm and balmy and the next it’s snowing! Of all the crazy Spring weather we get in Ohio, rainy weather is usually the norm. Although I love the Spring I can’t stand rainy weather. The thought of soggy wet clothes, cold feet from being soaked, and puffy hair will leave any girl depressed. Normally rain gear for women isn’t the most appealing either, so this year I’ve been on the search for the prettiest rain gear to keep dry while still looking stylish during this rainy season. I may not like the weather but why not make the best of it?

I found the prettiest and most romantic pink cherry blossom umbrella. This umbrella has actually been in my possession since last summer and I just love it! The cherry blossoms scream Spring and are so nice to look at while shielding yourself from a Spring shower. The print on this umbrella never fails to lift my mood on a rainy day.

Woman holding pink cherry blossom umbrella

woman wearing pink rain jacket and rain boots in a white bedroom

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I also found these super cute pink rain boots and I paired them with a rain jacket from Asos that can also be folded into a Fannie pack. So cute! I love the soft pink shade of the jacket and the material doesn’t stick to my skin like those rain jackets we used to wear when were kids! The jacket is also very lightweight so its perfect for warmer weather. If it’s a bit chilly out I just wear a warm cardigan underneath. With this combination can you believe I’m actually looking forward to the rainy weather now?

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