Welcome to Blushing Rose Diaries, a feminine lifestyle blog written by Samara (pronounced Sa-MAH-ah). I am a pink loving wife and mother obsessed with everything feminine. I believe in wearing tulle skirts casually, collecting girly accessories, and wearing sparkling headbands in my hair.

A little about my family…

I am happily married to my hubby Ellis and we have 5 children together; 4 sons and one daughter.

Occasionally you may catch a glimpse of my hubby and my little’s on Instagram (mostly my daughter since she adores girly things like I do 😉 ). Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you haven’t already!

My little shop… 

Outside of being a stay at home Mom, I run a small business where I design clothing and accessories for little girls. My little shop is called Sonata Elise Boutique. The purpose of my shop is to provide feminine, modest, but gorgeous clothing with a vintage/modern twist for little girls. Something I find that isn’t available in most mainstream boutiques.

One of my designs. She’s called “Pretty in Paris”

Fun Facts

  • I am an alkaline vegan (mostly). Occasionally I will eat food that is primarily only vegan (vegan pizza, vegan cake, etc.)
  • I am a huge fan of Japanese anime and Chinese romances. 
  • Oreo cookies are my weakness. 😛
  • 90% of my daughter’s wardrobe is handmade by me. ♥
  • I’m naturally gifted artistically. My grandmother can draw really well and she passed down that talent to my father whom passed it down to me and I’m now seeing those gifts is my sons and daughter!

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