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A waste-free Halloween party

November 1, 2021
pink and gold halloween decorations

Happy November 1st darlings!

Yesterday I hosted a witches tea party to celebrate Halloween for my littles. I actually planned on sharing this entry as an Instagram post, but then I realized that it would be a perfect opportunity to start blogging again. So let’s jump right into the details of our waste free Halloween party!

Planning the party

To start the planning of our tea party I first selected a variety of different teas and a few “non-tea” beverages. In photoshop I created a simple menu and came up with magical names for each beverage. Most of the beverages had hints in the name to help guess what they were. The only option that didn’t include a hint was witches brew, which happened to be apple cider. Can you guess what the others might be?

Delicious & plant based

For the main course I made vegan scones served with coconut clotted cream and homemade grape jelly. I also served vegan cucumber sandwiches and pesto, tomato avocado sandwiches both served on freshly baked sourdough bread.

Desserts consisted of vegan “graveyard” pudding, homemade cotton candy, mini powdered doughnuts and “spooky” magic cake.

Waste free decorations

To decorate I kept it simple with a few reusable Halloween props I purchased from the craft store. I spray painted the tombstones to fit my color theme and added pumpkins I already owned years prior. I also decorated with some printable Halloween decorations I purchased from Etsy. Printable decorations such as these can easily be composted when your done using them. Just remember to use natural materials when stringing your banner such as hemp or cotton string.

Halloween cake and banner

Kid-friendly Halloween activies

The littles worked on their Halloween crafts and a coloring page while they waited for the party to start. I found the cutest mason jar Halloween craft kits at Michaels to keep them occupied while I finished the last of the preparations.

A learned lesson

This was such a fun party to prepare for my littles, but overall I think I overworked myself this year. I woke up later than usual the following day making our homeschool day begin later than normal. This in turn helped me come to a realization to not overwork myself which I often do. Next year I will do more planning in advance. I literally procrastinated until the day before to prepare this party. I will now make it a habit to begin planning a week in advance so that I won’t find myself overworked. Also, a no parties on Sunday rule. Monday is a school day for us so I rather relax and reset for the coming week on Sundays instead.

Overall our littles really enjoyed their day and it was fun for all of them (even my older boys). We had a safe and peaceful Halloween spent in the confides of our home with family. Although we didn’t attend any community Halloween related events due to obvious reasons, it was still a satisfying experience. I do miss taking our littles trick-or-treating, but I think I prefer having an intimate party like this more honestly (My introvert speaking).

Party Details

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